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Kwam Podcast is a devotion to the experience of young black women in South Africa. The podcast is a safe space for insightful opinions. So often the experiences as women are monolithic. Women are described as strong, as if we can expand without breaking. Not with the Kwam Podcast. It offers dynamic views and subjects ranging from making friends, to the Queen B syndrome and navigating yourself in the work place.

Kwam, is a conversation from two voices: Nqobile Lombo, an Architect, and Lindelwa Mnisi, a lawyer. These two do not account for everyone but offer more colour to a description of young professional females doing their thing.

We at Purpose Pioneers spoke to Lombo on their lively podcast.

  1. Why is it important for young black female professional to be talking to one another?

“I thought I was the only one”

A key area of concern for us is that a lot of young black women experience impostor syndrome and isolation post graduation and entering into the corporate world. Our platform seeks to resolve these two issues primarily by voicing our struggles but also providing valuable strategies we have used. By doing that, we allow young women the space to express their concerns and insecurities which validates them in a way easing the isolation by building community.Ultimately we are having these conversations because they do not exist on many platforms.

  1. What is the importance for black females ‘taking up space’ on digital platforms?

Females are taking up space on digital platforms and we are doing it our own way, that is the beauty of it.

We have been able to create our own agenda with Kwam with no red tape.

From fitness influences @juakhumalo to female coders the social coding @thembiso_m, digital platforms are in a sense empowering us.

  1. Ultimately, what is the purpose you are wanting to achieve with this podcast?

The purpose of the podcast is to create a save space for women to interact with each other,

We want to provide young women with tools we have found helpful in navigating our careers,self-identity and everyday struggles that are often not considered topical but relevant.

  1. What words of encouragement do you have for people who are wanting to start a podcast?

It’s important to be consistent and passionate. We are committed to our careers and recording, editing planning our episodes is a serious passion project. We have approached Kwam as a business and intend on doing so much more.

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Listen to Kwam every week – to laugh, to think, to engage, to wonder but mostly to have a girlfriend in your ears after a long day wherever and whenever.

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