Meet Africa's Leading

Purpose Pioneers

We are The Change Collective Africa, a social enterprise that connects a network of Purpose Pioneers across Africa to create real societal change where it is needed most. We are passionate about areas of data philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, job creation and conscious consumerism.

// We believe that doing good is good business

We exist to lead the way in creating a new form of shared wealth, where equal value is placed on purpose and profit. We share this common goal with our network of Purpose Pioneers, where we do good, because it truly is good business.

We believe that one good idea can change the world //

We are experts in crafting innovative solutions for Africa’s biggest societal issues. We match these solutions to our network of expert collaborators and investors, leading us to craft meaningful stories that showcase influential ongoing change.  

Our collective of Purpose Pioneers includes individuals, organisations, initiatives and investors that use their influence, resources and intelligence to make the world a better place. To invest in, co-create or support societal change solutions, be it for a company, brand, social enterprise or initiative…