What Collaboration and Co-creation Looks Like

In the current climate, collaboration is even more important than ever before. It’s how we come up with completely unique and inventive solutions to some of the world’s most challenging social issues.

Just imagine a world where businesses and entrepreneurs go beyond the norm, where businesses co-create with their consumers, where competitors collaborate with each other, where organisations from completely different sectors come together to create a mutually valued and beneficial outcome for those most in need.

We believe that doing good is good business.

At The Change Collective Africa, one of our core values is collaboration. We envision making the world a better place by collaborating with Africa’s most talented minds to invent innovative solutions for equality and change. That’s why we connect a network of Purpose Pioneers across Africa to create real societal change where it is needed most. We are passionate about areas of data philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, job creation and conscious consumerism.

In light of collaboration, here are four initiatives we are inspired by. Take a looksee!

Adidas and Allbirds

Brands Adidas and Allbirds partner to produce a zero-carbon mass market sports shoe. They’re committed to combining their talents and resources (collaborating!) to create the lowest carbon footprint performance shoe ever, with the ultimate goal of a net-zero product.


Tulu offers apartment dwellers shared on-demand access to household items. Available in New York and Tel Aviv, TULU provides household items to those living in close quarters or without flexible budgets. Everyday products (from vacuums to Playstation consoles, screwdrivers, projectors, and more) are available on-demand, for use on an hourly basis, through a rental agreement established with the company and hosted in a storage room within your building. TULU occupies these spaces within apartment complexes or in neighborhood buildings to make the necessary goods far more accessible.


Airline’s passengers listen to Crown Prince recite poetry. A collection of poems recited by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed are now available for Emirates airline passengers to tune into while on board their flight. Travellers can listen to audio recordings of poems, penned by the Crown Prince of Dubai, as part of the airline’s push to bring Emirati heritage and culture to the world.

Google Arts and Culture

Google has launched a new tool that allows anyone with an internet connection to virtually monitor climate change at five of the world’s most precious cultural sites. Called “Heritage on the Edge,”, it uses 3D mapping to capture images of World Heritage Sites that can be used for conservation support and raising awareness with tourists and the general public. Among the five heritage sites that were mapped are Rapa Nui (Easter Island); Kilwa Kisiwani on Tanzania‘s Swahili Coast; the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh, Scotland; Mosque City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh; and the ancient city of Chan Chan in Peru.

If you know anything about The Change Collective Africa and Purpose Pioneers, you’ll know that collaboration is the essence of what we do, and ultimately, it was the springboard that inspired our initiative Table for 7, the Cause Conversations.

We invite seven guests, including disruptors, experts, leaders and change-makers and host Jessica Tims, connect to discuss and solve a key societal issue. It’s about collaboration and innovative problem solving while educating, raising awareness and creating actionable impact.

The conversations take place monthly via an online webinar live-streamed to Facebook Live and focuses on a specific cause each time. The dialogue between the 7 guests are honest, open and raw, where diverse opinions are encouraged. Sign up to join our next conversation.

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