From Security Guards to lockdown Knights in shining armour

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With the lockdown brought on by the COVID19 Pandemic, food security has become a massive issue. We have found South Africa almost become a Mutual Aid country, where many people are giving and lending a helping hand to those in need. Vision Tactical, a private security company partnered with a local NGO, The Muslim Association of South Africa (MASA), to deliver and hand-out essential goods to those in need.

The Muslim Association of South Africa (MASA) is an independent Muslim humanitarian non-profit organisation with its firm focus on religious values, educational elevation, social welfare and a charitable culture. Their purpose is the achievement of large-scale societal change through community alliances. Sharing of resources to create a utilitarian society in which all members of community can benefit. We at Purpose Pioneers applaud this initiative as this is a religious NGO that is not just helping their own but helping those in need regardless of their race or religion.

When everyone is committed to the overall goal, teams move faster, are more innovative and more successful.
Successful teamwork is essential during a time like this, #Covid19Lockdown on the ground together #ProtectingCommunities ?? with @SAPoliceService @SANDFCorpEvents

— Vision Tactical (@visiontactical) April 18, 2020

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that it’s positive to see how many NGO’s and volunteers have come forward and rose to the challenge of assisting the needy during a very challenging time.

“The members from the Muslim Association of South Africa found out about the dire need for essential food items required at the Bakazela Settlement, they then immediately purchased the items, and came out to distribute.”

Theba says that every helping hand counts at this point in time.

“During this challenging period, being proactive and positive is the only way to move forward stronger and together.”

Our teams just delivered at the West Rand APD (Association for the Physically Disabled) in Krugersdorp. #UbuntuInAction #ReliefReformReward #COVID19 #CommunityRelief #LockdownSA @David_Makhura @Lesufi

— Muslim Association of South Africa (@MuslimAssocSA) May 12, 2020

Those wanting to contribute, visit The Muslim Association of South Africa

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4 Tips on showcasing your Brand’s purpose on Social Media

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In these unusual times, more people are staying home which means, more digital content is being produced and consumed. In this chaos that has become Social Media, we find new trends each day popping up on our feeds. As a Brand, we want to keep afloat this sea of digital gibberish. Many brands love to jump onto trends in order to gain some positive awareness, engagement and to build their brand. What happens when jumping on the trend is not the right thing to do? How do you make sure that you don’t loose the purpose of your brand?

Brands need to have purpose in everything they do, not just online. That’s why when a brand gets big enough, they need to opt for a Digital Marketing specialist to take care of their Social Media needs. A Digital Marketer will be able to portray a brand with clear purpose messaging. Sometimes, however, not all brands can afford the help of an agency. Here are 4 checkpoints to help navigate Social Media with purpose and to showcase your purpose:

  1. Be clear and simple

When writing you Social Media profile Bios, make sure that you are clear and simple about what it is your company does and what you stand for. Don’t just let your content speak for you, as your Bio might be the only thing someone will see. Be precise in your messaging so anyone knows exactly who you are.

  1. Create content that’s true to your brand.

Besides your bio, your content needs to always be ‘on brand’. That famous saying means that your caption, your content, your imaging and your graphics all need to scream what your company is about and what you stand for. Try not to stray away from this but always make sure you ask yourself, ‘does this represent my company correctly?’

Why the future of social is meaningful connections? In 2020, consumers will seek an antidote to vast and toxic online communities and social media platforms. They’ll embrace smaller and more intimate digital spaces that facilitate respectful and meaningful connections, let them interact with like-minded peers and allow them to truly be themselves says TrendWatching.

This means that online consumers are going to move towards meaningful content and profiles as this year progresses. Make sure that your meaningful content is what they gravitate to.

  1. Jump onto Trends

Jumping on trends can be a fun way that Brands can get more engagement but not all trends are for Brands. Jumping onto the next ‘hot’ thing on Social Media might land you in hot water with the Twitter trolls. Make sure that the trend aligns with your business.

  1. The power of Social Media

You will be surprised that once you communicate what you are about and what you are trying to achieve on social media, people will respond positively. Once your purpose is clear, your online audience will want to know how they can become a part of that purpose. 75% of US consumers noted that if a brand asked them for feedback on future products or ideas it would increase their likelihood to purchase from that brand, MakerSights, January 2019.

Sure, we do not have to take a selfie every time we do a bit of charity but having a strong social media presence is essential and can be achieved without exploiting the vulnerability of the people you are helping.

“Brand storytelling is the future of marketing’” says Forbes

In today’s digitally-driven society, a humanised approach has become more and more sought after by consumers. People relate to people not brands and that’s why brands need to become even more human than ever before. That is why we at The Change Collective Africa love to share the stories of Humans with our Legacy Stories. If you need help to craft stories for brands, individuals, initiatives or organisations then The Change Collective Africa can assist.

Have purpose in how you want your Brand to be perceived, consumed and respected. With no strategy behind how you conduct yourself or your Business on Social Media, you could find yourself swimming upstream against a very strong current. Invest in a digital marketing specialist who knows what they are doing and no, we are not referring to your niece who has a few 1000 followers on TikTok.

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