Together with project-specific experts, we conceptualise and incubate platforms that brands can leverage to make a societal impact, in Africa and the world. Our platforms and opportunities include:

Legacy Makers. Inspiring legends in the making. The Legacy Stories is a multi-media platform that features the stories of 60 South African Legacy Makers who share insights from their personal journeys to inspire the next generation. This multi-disciplinary platform has a series of inspiring 60 x 60 second videos at its core. It also includes an online community, an awards and networking event, mentoring sessions and a corporate awards series. Our aim is to shift the paradigm of many young South Africans and emerging entrepreneurs who are unmotivated or crippled by anxiety, fear and a lack of guidance.

The inspiration The Legacy Stories is the brainchild of Liesl Loubser, founder and former CEO of HDI Youth Marketeers. Rather than celebrating with a 60th birthday party, she chose to create a platform to champion the stories of 60 people she has mentored or been inspired by; people she believes are Legacy Makers in their own right. The Legacy Stories is a continuation of her life-long passion for entrepreneurship, the African youth, and business innovation.

We believe that doing good is not only beneficial to society, but a far better marketing tool than traditional methods. Doing good, really is good business.

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