#PurposePioneerTalkShow Interview with Paul Bushell

There's no such thing as perfect parenting.

Welcome to The Purpose Pioneers Talk Show, where we interview influential, successful South African pioneers such as businesspeople, teachers, doctors, activists, artists, creatives, and change-makers to find out how they lead their lives with purpose! We at The Change Collective Africa truly believe that if you haven’t found your purpose as an individual or as a business now is the time to do so and hearing from others might give you the inspiration you need.

This particular interview is hosted by Jess Tims. She interviews Paul Bushell, Durban-based psychologist, author and regular commentator on meaningful living, parenting and career development in a constantly changing world.

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For those that missed the Live interview on Thursday with Paul Bushell, Psychologist and Author, no worries you can watch it now. There were a lot of requests from parents to view and share, so now you can do just that, share the wisdom and spread the #kindness Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! #PurposePioneers #Kindness #CatalystsforChange #TheChangeCollective #Parenting #LearningAtHome

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