We are about big ideas for better societies. We develop for-good platforms for innovative storytelling, collaborative solution finding, thought leadership tools as well as impact investment and trading. Our areas of passion include:

through community conversations. So, we utilise our extensive network of big-thinking collaborators such as The Young Collective. We also host regular Cause Conversations such as Table for 7 to find answers to societal problems.

Our Legacy stories showcase stories of individuals and initiatives, as well as businesses, brands and the leaders that inspire and societal change. #GiveHerACrown celebrates the stories of women as part of the fight against gender inequality and femicide.

A marketplace that invests in impact and purpose-driven initiatives. This is where our Do-good Exchange is turning consumerism into causism.

Through our thought leadership products, such as our Trend Presentations & The Good Audit. Through insights and understanding, we empower companies to drive real impact on social issues.

How will you use your influence, voice and resources to make an impact in South African society?

Be the Change, Join the movement.


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